Together we can touch the lives of thousands of seniors and in return, our lives will be touched by them



With each new day, we embrace the challenges, rewards, comfort and familiarity of our work and home life routines. But for many seniors, the daily routine of isolation and loneliness extends into each and every day – all day – all year, further removing them from any sense of purpose or belonging.


Since 2011, the Senior Wish Association has been touching the lives of seniors with programs and initiatives that enhance the quality of life for those lonely and marginalized. We don't speak for them, we facilitate their voice and give them a sense of belonging and community. By eliminating barriers, educating young and old and with the generous support of people like YOU, the Senior Wish programs can continue to deliver on success.


Every dollar donated to the Senior Wish Association represents an opportunity for companionship, recreational activities and addressing isolation through carefully thought out integration into the community with programs like Adopt a Senior, Wish Granting, Christmas Wish, Youth Engagement, Seniors Helping Seniors, Intergenerational Activities and Health & Safety Best Practices. 


Last year over 3500 marginalized and lonely seniors in Barrie and surrounding communities benefited from Senior Wish. With an aging demographic, the demand continues to grow; a reality, in time, we will all face.

We can’t do this alone


Let's work together in acknowledging the value of our seniors and reigniting their sense of purpose and belonging.


Please support the programs and educational initiatives of Senior Wish by making a donation today.



There is an invisible segment in our society defined by age.   With every year, whether it’s through a parent, a grandparent, a neighbour or a friend, we move closer to the challenges our seniors face.  Our vision is a community that “sees” all seniors while identifying those on the margins to facilitate their inclusion.

Last year over 3,500 marginalized and lonely seniors in the Barrie area benefitted from Senior Wish. Many more of all ages were moved to reflect on what it means in today’s society to be old.

We believe in the power of people and our programs depend on a compassionate, caring and generous community.