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The Senior Wish Association was founded in 2011 by Barb Richards, who recognized a large sector of the senior population in her community were lonely and isolated. Realizing the personal impact of isolation and perceptions that can frame old age, Barb wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of these seniors.

The vision of the Senior Wish Association is a community that “sees” all seniors while identifying those on the margins to facilitate their inclusion. This is achieved through wish granting, companionship, recreational activities, inter-generational programs, educational opportunities for youth and families and the dissemination of health and safety best practices.

Since 2011, thousands of lonely and marginalized seniors in the Barrie area have benefitted from the programs and initiatives provided by Senior Wish. The inspiration, time and hard work of our founding member, Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers have enabled us to prove the viability of the Senior Wish concept, successfully reaching seniors and giving them a sense of belonging and community.

Our program model has garnered widespread interest from communities across the province, which is why, we are actively taking measures to expand our programs while maintaining the integrity, mandate and vision of the organization. We believe in the power of people and our programs deliver on success. That is why Senior Wish strongly believes and promotes the idea that aging is not a problem – it is a lifelong journey that unites all of us.

        Can you Imagine

What do you see when I struggle to stand
my pride and resolve or the old legs of a man
Can you imagine as you pass me in haste
that I once ran with vigor in many a race
Would it surprise you, the things that I know
the places I’ve been and still wish to go
What would you think of the musings I’d share
if only you’d pause and pull up a chair

What do you hear when I quietly speak
thoughts I’m expressing or a voice cracked and weak
Can you imagine as you rush through your days
that I was busy like you with the children I raised
Would it surprise you that I too worried at night
if my love was enough and my choices were right
What would you think if my words eased your mind
if only you’d rest here with me to unwind

What do you think when I stumble in song
that my memory’s faded or my passion still strong
Can you imagine the tears that I’ve shed
lost in rhythm and art and the words that I’ve read
Would it surprise you that I still long for more
of that choir of beauty beyond my front door
What would you think I’d hear in your song
if you’d only reach out and invite me along

What do you see in the stoop of my back
my lifetime of labour or the strength that I lack
Can you imagine the spare edge of toil
in coaxing a harvest from the promise of soil
Would it surprise you that it nurtured my soul
with the blessings of gratitude reaped in my role
What would you think of my hunger to see
the sun rise on my fields, now so far from me

What do you see in the folding of years
more time that you wish for or lines in the mirror
Can you imagine a view that is meant
to see a life lived and not a life spent
Would it surprise you, the part you could play
in shifting perceptions in a meaningful way
What would you think your donation would mean
for the lives of our seniors who wish to be seen

Author: Anne Marie Carson
for Senior Wish Association

Board of Directors

Mr. Art Smith with the Barrie Colts!


Founded: 2011

Founder: Barbara Richards

Board of Directors: 
Barbara Richards-Past Chair

Patricia Imrie-Chair-Media Liaison Chair

Bonnie Neely-Treasurer/Secretary-Memory Book Chair

Krista Richards-Gannaw, Communications

Dianne Malinowski-Volunteer Co-Ordinator Chair

Elizabeth Brandon-Director

Sharon Wice-Director-Fundraising/Grant Chair - Innisfil Lead

Tracey Lasalle- Director-Seasonal Event Chair

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Charity Business Registration 84943 8114 RR0001

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