" I really appreciate the Christmas gifts from your organization. It meant that Christmas was happy instead of totally lonely. "

                                                                 - D.N.


" I would like to thank this wonderful association for the kindness of remembering me at Christmas..!!! I am here on my own now for awhile without family, and was so surprised when Tara and her two gorgeous children rang my doorbell in the early morning, to deliver me a bag of thoughtful, useful gifts!! What an amazing gesture and brilliance, brought to me, so appreciated. "

                                                                                                       - R. A.

" On behalf of my 99 year old friend, I want to thank the Senior Wish Association for its thoughtful and welcomed gifts this Christmas.  My friend and I spent some time yesterday reading a chapter in a very sweet book by Debbie Macomber, The Perfect Christmas, that she received as one of her gifts from your association.
Thank you for your good works and thoughtfulness. "

                                                                                     - G.W.

" Thank you so much for the wonderful bag of goodies I received at Christmas. I was surprised that there were so many lovely and useful gifts. It is a wonderful thing to be remembered in this way. This is a wonderful organization. I had never heard of it before moving to Barrie 4 years ago. It makes seniors feel loved and more a part of the community. Thank you so much again. "

                                                                                      - J. N .

" Thanks for the opportunity to participate, this was my first time. You have all gone to a lot of work and it was well organized "

                                                                            -  C. W.