Memories Program

Memories. We all have them. Even though some details in recalling them may differ within families, that’s ok.  The reality is, families are built on years of history, passages of time, connections and experiences that are as individual and unique as they are shared. 

Our “Memories” project is an opportunity for seniors to relive and share moments of their past, capturing their personal legacies. We will chronicle childhood memories, family traditions, favourite recipes, turning points in their life and lessons learned. Imagine the conversation, laughter, wisdom and tears that will be forever etched on each page.

The best part is, we are matching seniors with young people and now, due to its popularity, individuals of all ages to document every detail of their incredible journey. Each one will be made into their own unique Memories book. Be a part of this special initiative. Together we can touch the lives of so many seniors and in return, our lives will be touched by them.

If you are interested in having your memory book done or want to assist others, please email or call 705-888-8333

Granting Wishes

- Senior Wish is built on the belief that you are never too old to make a wish. To celebrate the dreams, the passions and the cherished memories of our seniors is to respect the stories of their lives.   The simplest of wishes granted has a positive and lasting effect. Imagine reuniting with a long- lost friend, enjoying a game and the attention of a favourite sports hero or revisiting a childhood neighbourhood. In fulfilling their wishes, we are enriched by their journey.

Intergenerational Initiatives

- Activities that bring young and old together revive a social arrangement still important in many traditional cultures. It promotes mutual care, respect for differences and enriches the lives of everyone involved.

Christmas Wish

- Imagine spending Christmas Day alone without a single gift or telephone call. Senior Wish identifies lonely and isolated seniors in our community who would benefit from receiving a Christmas gift from a Christmas Angel. This program has grown exponentially, engaging hundreds of generous members of the community who, in the spirit of the season, shop for personalized gifts for one or more of these seniors.

Adopt A Senior

- Companionship, friendship, fulfillment and peace of mind are just some of the ways our seniors feel when they are matched with individuals or families who have something in common.  This program enables them to share time, experiences and meaningful relationships.  Many seniors are not alone, but are lonely and Adopt A Senior gives them something to look forward to.

Other Programs

- Educational programs are brought to schools where children can learn the value of establishing relationships with the senior population.  Classes draw, write letters or make crafts that they bring to senior residence facilities and share time with seniors that both, many generations apart, can feel good about. 

Our seminars, conferences and speaking engagements help seniors, family and community members understand issues that affect seniors and adopt positive ways to address them.